Hi, my name is Quasi. My friends call me, Q. I’m a father of 2 great golden retrievers, Sam and Monty. I run a small consultancy in Rochelle, New York. Our main focus is to help out small startup businesses in the area that needs our expertise to bring out the best of their potential. I studied finance in college, focusing on advanced corporate strategy and structure. I also just recently received my license as a real estate broker. Above all these, I’m also a coffee enthusiast. I used to work as a barista at a cafe inside the uni. College life, I wanna say, was probably one of the most fun I’ve had in life so far. So much so that I had my blog named after my fraternity, Alpha. It’s Alpha Kappa Omega but that’s kinda long. This blog, it’s all about the challenges, tips and tricks, and a mix of my experiences in my field: business, finance, and real estate. This site is a small project of mine to kind of keep track of the trends that are happening in the market. I hope whoever reads my entries would find it useful too.